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We have developed an app which can be used to help you customize the car washing service precisely as you like and need at any given moment. It is easy to use and it comes with basic user interface and modern graphics.

  • Car washingSet the car wash specifics
  • Near meFind the closest location
  • Hand washGet the oldest and the most detailed service
  • MobileFind the new way to wash your car

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Wash your car at any given moment and wash it as you like. We know what you need.




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The Unlimited Plan: FAQs

Will I be able to upgrade or add on to my Unlimited Plan wash?

Yes. You’ll pay the difference between your unlimited wash menu price and the upgrades & add-ons you’ve chosen. Ask a Xtra Car Wash representative on site for more information.


Can I remove the RFID tag and put it in another car?

The RFID tag is valid for a single car only. Removing it from your windshield will destroy it. However, the plan can be transferred to a different vehicle.


Will the RFID tag interfere with my radio reception, GPS, or garage door opener?

No. The RFID tag is not powered and does not transmit a signal on its own.


Can my Unlimited Plan be used at any Mr. Clean Car Wash?

Yes, your Unlimited Plan is valid at any area Xtra Car Wash.


Is there a minimum term for the plan?

No, you may cancel at any time. A credit will not be given for the current billed month, but you can use the service for the remainder of the month.

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Contact Us

From car detailing to hand car wash. Xtra Wash has the best professionals in the industry to handle any task you need.

About Car Wash

A little about our Car Wash

From car detailing to hand car wash. Xtra Wash has the best professionals in the industry to handle any task you need.


Established car wash

We take care of the vehicle that takes care of you every day, We Sweat The Small Stuff.


Increase car wash branches

Perfection is expected. Excellence will be tolerated, Be young again. Get your car washed, Intelligent car wash.


Introducing Mobile Car Wash App

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Get your car washed perfectly at any given moment within minutes. Just come and watch your car being restored to former glory. It is so much easier than you may believe.
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Waxing in the end

After your car is washed you will want car waxing service. It is used to coat the entire car with wax, obviously and to protect the fresh look as long as possible.
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Interior cleaning

Our team of experts will clean the interior of your car within seconds. All you need to do is to come and enjoy it. We also offer oil and oil filter changes for all makes and models of cars.
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