Do you know the two most important ingredients of Vape Juice? Most e-liquids are made using both propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Each compound has its own advantages and shortcomings. A right ratio of both compounds is needed to ensure good flavor, throat hit, and vapor.

If you are looking for completely organic e-juices, you have to choose products that are made with natural and organic ingredients. It means excluding the synthetic propylene glycol (PG) containing e-liquids. It can be difficult to find such a product but now there is a solution. You can look out for companies who uses best quality propylene glycol and the percentage does not exceed than what can be considered extremely safe. Ideally VG/PG ratio of 80:20 can be considered perfect and safe to use.

One of the reputed companies, who are known to win everyone trust is ELiquid Depot; they make e-juices in a variety of base liquids. There are some companies which even let you select the base compound you like most. Many people choose a particular type of base for their e-juice because that is what their vaping hardware can handle. Some users want an e-liquid that is not only vegetarian but also organic. It is important to know that it is not the extracted veg compound that is referred as organic; it is the ingredients used to make that compound that is organic.

Only a farm produce that has been grown without using any pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals is categorized as organic. There are many other parameters that are used to judge whether an extract from a farm produce is organic. The soil of the land where the main food produce is grown must be free from pesticides for three years before sowing.

It is very difficult for farm owners and manufacturers to comply with the strict standards and regulations associated with organic farming and production. A farm produce must be at least 95% organic before it can get the organic certification. ELiquid Depot has listed products which uses ingredients that are certified organic. Additionally, its organic e-liquids do not include any other synthetic substance.

ELiquid Depot’s listed products uses food grade, vegan and kosher certified VG. All its VG based liquids are free of synthetic substances. It even complies with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards which are set by a non-governmental organization for over the counter and prescription drugs. Facilities with this grade meet the high level of purity, safety, consistency and quality standards. Vegetable glycerin is derived from different types of vegetable oils. Natural VG is extracted from vegetables that have been grown organically. The levels of organic ingredients used in an e-liquid depend on the level of nicotine selected by a user. For example, 70-85 percent organic ingredients are present in an e-liquid when its nicotine strength is 36 mg. When there is no nicotine, the level of organic ingredients will be 95-100 percent.

Trying out new products, looking into reviews could be a challenging task. The best way would be to buy from ELiquid Depot online vape shop, they list the product only after it qualifies the basic criteria what can be called quality vape juice.

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